9 examples of great journalism in October

Presented by Columbia Journalism Review (CJR):

1. The Best journalism of October 2016
The Wall Street Journal story on the list is a must-read.

2. 9 podcasts worth listening to this election season 
Of all the podcasts, one stands out as «the gold standard.»

3. Ex-journalist leads state’s effort to flee Obamacare
The “superstar, the celebrity that has attracted activists and the media like nobody else has.»

4. 300 newsrooms sign on to monitor voting problems
A country-wide network of journalists and concerned citizens are using social media to track and report voting problems.

5. Calling Trump a liar sets a thorny precedent
“Most journalists don’t have the confidence or deep knowledge to write authoritatively.»

6. Changing the media’s notions of failure and success
«Any journalist sending out a pitch like that would probably be waiting for a response for the rest of her life.»

7. Print journalism got a little scary yesterday
A memo from a WSJ editor two weeks ago signaled stormclouds. Yesterday, the deluge began.

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