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Facebook still world’s fastest growing media owner

The Top Thirty Global Media Owners report ranks the world’s largest media companies by media revenue, estimated by Zenith (article).

Facebook’s success is down to the fact that consumers visit the site several times a day as their primary source for content, and the effectiveness of its native looking ads, according to the report.

It is the second year in a row that Facebook has been named in the report as the world’s fastest growing media owner

Overall, Facebook is the fifth largest media owner in the world, rocketing up the rankings from 10th place last year, after its media revenues grew 65% year on year. Facebook still trails the largest media owner, Alphabet (the new name of Google’s holding company), by a long chalk. Walt Disney Company, Comcast and 21st Century Fox are also bigger than Facebook.

Alphabet, which had media revenues of $60bn (£41bn) in 2014, continued to widen the gap between the second largest media owner, Walt Disney. Alphabet is currently 166% bigger than Walt Disney, compared to 136% the previous year.

The data cover the 2014 financial year, which Zenith said is the most recent year with consistent revenue figures from all the publicy listed companies analysed.

Pure play digital companies were among the fastest growing media owners in the top 30. Baidu, the Chinese search giant, is second-fastest, with media revenues up by 52% from last year, and Alphabet is third, up by 17%.

The reports come during a period when media owners are looking for more ways to monetise growing mobile audiences. Earlier this week, Google unveiled plans to serve sponsored pins and searches on its maps. Meanwhile Facebook launched Canvas earlier this year, a set of tools that enable creative agencies to make more immersive ads for mobile.

Ranking of Top 30 Global Media Owners 2016 (last year’s ranking in parentheses)

Rank Media owner Rank Media owner
1 (1) Alphabet 16 (8) Time Warner
2 (2) The Walt Disney Company 17 (20) Microsoft
3 (3) Comcast 18 (15) Asahi Shimbun Company
4 (4) 21st Century Fox 19 (19) CCTV
5 (10) Facebook 20 (21) Hearst Corporation
6 (6) Bertelsmann 21 (22) JC Decaux
7 (7) Viacom 22 (25) Axel Springer
8 (5) CBS Corporation 23 (24) Mediaset
9 (28) Baidu 24 (26) ITV plc
10 (9) News Corporation 25 (18) Fuji Media Holdings
11 (11) Advance Publications 26 (-) Hubert Burda Media
12 iHeartMedia Inc. 27 (14) Gannett
13 (13) Discovery Communications 28 (27) ProSiebenSat.1
14 (16) Grupo Globo 29 (23) Yomiuri Shimbun Holdings
15 (17) Yahoo 30 (-) Time Inc.


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