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Lithuania’s ex-minister: Visaginas NPP plant project dead

The project of the Visaginas Nuclear Power Plant (VAE) is dead, says the author of the project, Lithuania’s former energy minister Arvydas Sekmokas. In his words, the project proved that it cannot be a regional scheme, informs BNS.
«Today we can speak of the Visaginas Nuclear Plant Project as if it was yesterday. Indeed, the project is dead today,» Sekmokas said in an interview to the European Humanities University’s Media Center prepared in cooperation with BNS Lithuania.

VAE makes it clear that the regional model does not work here, said Sekmokas, emphasizing the need to decide on electricity production and revise the energy strategy.

«The first conclusion is that the regional model does not work for projects of such scale and complexity, it is simply not suitable. The second conclusion is probably what we’re going to do with the energy generation – we’re short of it. Electricity is like bread, like water. We cannot do without it. The third thing is where are we going?» said the former energy minister.

He acknowledged that VAE would not be an economically beneficial project at the moment, adding that the future situation on the electricity market was not clear.

In the summer of 2011, Lithuania chose Japan’s Hitachi corporation as a strategic investor in the nuclear power plant, however, the project did not draw support in a non-binding referendum held a year later.


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